How to manage your oily skin


What is Oily Skin?

You may not realise this, but your skin is an organ too.  Your skin naturally produces sebum, which is a waxy, oily substance that protects and hydrates the skin.  The glands which produce sebum sometimes produce too much sebum which can lead to oily skin, clogged pores and acne.

How do I know I have Oily Skin?

Oily skin often affects the face.  You know when you have oily skin when you have:

  • Shiny or greasy appearance
  • Large or obvious pores on the skin
  • Skin that looks thick or rough
  • Occasional or persistent pimples
  • Clogged pores and blackheads

What Causes Oily Skin?

Managing oily skin can be a challenge.  Before taking preventative measure to treat oily skin it is helpful to understand some of the underlying causes:

  • Genetics – Oily skin can run in families
  • Where you live – People who live in hot and humid climates tend to have oiler skin
  • Enlarged pores – As we age, or when our weight fluctuates, sometimes our pores stretch out. Larger pores tend to produce more oil

Prevention and Treatment

If you have oily skin, here are a few things you can do to reduce the symptoms if it becomes problematic for you:

  • Wash regularly – wash with a gentle soap and warm water. Avoid soaps with fragrances or harsh chemicals which may irritate or dry out the skin.  Some medicated acne products may be helpful because they contain acids that can tackle oily skin.  Using the right facial cleanser may also work for some skin types.
  • Use a toner – Some toners, especially those which contain natural astringents, can have skin soothing properties and could also unclog pores of overly produced sebum.
  • Patting dry the face after washing – gently pat your skin dry after washing and using toner with a soft dry towel. Pulling down on the skin with a towel in a rough manner may stimulate the skin to create more sebum.
  • Using blotting paper or medicated pads – some blotting paper or pads are specially designed to absorb oil from the skin. Whilst they don’t treat the production of sebum they can be used to lift excess oil of the skin to make it appear less shiny

Need Further Help?

Chemistworks is committed to the ongoing good health and wellbeing of its customers.  If you would like advice about managing oily skin, come and talk to one our friendly staff at a store near you.