Let’s talk men’s health


Men and Health

In Australia we know that:

  • Australian men are more likely than Australian women to get sick from serious health problems.
  • Men die in greater numbers than women from almost every non-sex-specific health problem.
  • Men visit the doctor less frequently than women, have shorter visits, and only attend when the illness is in its later stages.

So, what’s behind this?  Here are a few theories which might explain:

  • Men, particularly older men, may have a preference to see a male doctor for very personal or embarrassing issues. However, the family doctor may be female.
  • Men are usually involved in the more high-risk jobs that are stressful, dangerous and deadly such construction or mining.
  • Some men could believe that visiting doctors or complaining of feeling ill are threats to their masculinity.

Tips for Men for a Healthier Life

  • Take Action – take an active role in maintaining your health. Seek professional help for problems you have or experience, particularly those of an emotional nature.
  • It’s Healthy to Talk – if you have a health problem, talk it over with someone you trust.
  • You’re Not Alone – Many men experience what they believe are ‘small’ health problems, yet these can be linked to more serious issues such as heart disease, diabetes, anxiety and depression. It’s always a good idea to see your doctor early before such problems lead to more serious problems.
  • Keep Informed – Keeping informed of the common problems men face in relation to their health is a good way to avoid them. There are a range of health and wellbeing websites you can explore to get the most up to date information and how it relates to your own situation.

Need Further Help?

Chemistworks is committed to the ongoing good health and wellbeing of its customers.  If you would like advice about managing your health, then come and talk to one our friendly staff at a store near you.