Prevention: better than a cure


Whether mild or serious, disease is an inevitable part of life. And while technological advancements and improvements in health care are constantly evolving, there are still limits as to what they can achieve once you are already unwell. Sometimes, it is simply too little, too late. It is far better to stop disease from ever happening in the first place. Here are some simple tips to give you and your family every possible chance of preventing illness.

Move Your Body

Everyone knows it, exercise decreases the risk of numerous diseases such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, certain types of cancer and mental illness. There are many different ways to be physically active from participating in organised sport to going for walks. You can also make better choices so as to incorporate incidental movement throughout your day such as using the stairs. It is always advisable to consult with a health professional before embarking on a new exercise regime.

Kick Bad Habits

One of the best ways to prevent the onset of disease is to form healthy lifestyle habits. Smoking, excessive drinking and other addictions are proven to have a negative impact on health. But overcoming these habits can be very challenging. Counselling may be beneficial or certain products can be helpful.

Fuel Your Body

Another well-known approach to good health is to eat a healthy and balanced diet. As a general principle, the famous healthy food pyramid indicates the types and amounts of foods that a person should consume each day. Try and select the healthiest options like wholegrains and lean meats and avoid foods which are high in sugar or saturated fats. Checking food labels should be part of your shopping routine so that you really know what you are putting into your body. And of course, drinking plenty of water is vital for good health.

Safe Workplace

Other than your home, there is no place you are likely to spend more time than at work, so it is important to ensure the environment is a safe one. Your work area should be ergonomically designed to improve safety, comfort and productivity. Always get your personal work space checked to see that it is set up for your individual needs. An example is to have a suitable desk chair to ensure good posture in order to avoid back and neck issues.

In the workplace, it is also in the best interests of yourself and others to adhere to all safety guidelines and rules such as wearing protective equipment and clothing. This could mean anything from hats and long sleeves to gloves, earmuffs, goggles, fluro vests and helmets.

Early diagnosis

If you think of your body like a car, regular maintenance is important in keeping things in order. You should make every effort to keep up to date with scheduled checkups at the dentist or optometrist as well as tests like pap smears, breast checks, prostate examinations or skin cancer checks. Early diagnosis of any disease greatly increases your chances of successful treatment. When in doubt about any aspect of your health, it is best to visit your doctor to seek their expert opinion.

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