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Sudocrem Healing Cream 250g

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Sudocrem Healing Cream 250g

Sudocrem Health Cream has been trusted by parents for over 80 years.  We're the very best at helping to soothe sore skin and treat nappy rash.

Nappy Rash

Sudocrem is to soothe and heal your baby's delicate skin and works in 3 simple ways.  First it contains and emollient that soothes sore or inflamed skin.  Second it works as a mild, local anaesthetic to help ease pain and irritation.  Finally, a water-repellent base forms a protective barrier, helping to stop any irritants (urine and faeces) coming into common with the skin.

Cuts, Grazes and Minor Burns

Sudocrem is a gentle yet effective cream, it reduces the risk of infeciton and contains a mild local anaesthetic to soothe discomfort.  It also helps wounds to heal by forming a protective barrier over the vulnerable area.


Sudocrem can also be used to calm and soothe eczema, and certain other skin conditions.  To read more about how Sudocrem can help with a range of skin complaints visit your family hub.

When to use:

Sudocrem is your simply effective ally whenever you or your family has a skin complaint that needs some gentle care.  Sudocrem Healing Cream can be used to heal:

*  nappy rash

*  cuts

*  grazes

*  minor burns

*  pressure sores

*  eczema

Nappy rash - to understand how nappy rash occurs, find out if your baby has nappy rash and learn how best to prevent or treat nappy rash visit the Nappy Rash Hub.

Other uses - to learn more about the many skin conditions that Sudocrem Healing Cream can help to treat visit your family hub.

How to use:  Sudocrem Healing Cream is a medically licensed product, please make sure you read the label.

Nappy Rash - Sudocrem Healing Cream can be applied, at every nappy change, to help treat nappy rash and soothe your baby's skin.

Step 1 - Ensure your baby's bottom is clean and dry.

Step 2 - With clean and dry hands, place a small amount of Sudocrem on the tip of your finger.  Remember a little goes a long way.

Step 3 - Gently massage Sudocrem into the skin using light, circular movements. (Try to avoid rubbing, especially if the skin looks sore).

Step 4 - You want to create a thin, translucent film on the skin.  If the white cream is still visible, you may have put too much on. (If this happens, your baby will be fine, just put a little less on next time).

Step 5 - Repeat the application of Sudocrem Healing Cream to your baby's bottom as often as you need to.

Other uses:

Step 1 - Ensure your hands are clean and dry, then place a small amount of Sudocrem on the tip of your finger.

Step 2 - Gently massage Sudocrem into the affected area using light, circular movements

Step 3 - You want to create a thin, translucent film on the skin.  If the white cream is still visible, you may have put too much on. ( This is okay, just put a little less on next time).


Disclaimer - In providing and displaying this product information on this website (including, but not limited to, topics such as ingredients, directions, storage & warnings) we recommend you closely check the product information on the actual product packaging or, in the case of a therapeutic product, check with the pharmacist, to ensure the product is relevant to your required use and the product information is still up-to-date & accurate.

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