Bandaid Advance Heal Blister Block Regular 4 Pack


General Information

Band Aid Brand Adhesive Bandages Advanced Healing. Promotes fast blister healing, even on open blisters. Cushioning gel pad immediately relieves pain caused by friction and pressure. 100% waterproof gel strip seals out water, dirt and germs. Flexible form conforms to foot for greater fit and comfort. Clinically proven to stay in place for all day protection. Also use to prevent blisters before they occur. Band Aid Brand Blister Block with CompeedHydro Cure System Technology protects from the friction that causes pain. It seals in the body’s natural healing fluids and seals out water, dirt and germs to create an optimal healing environment.

Advanced Healing Blister Block bandage contains hydrocolloid technology which relieves blister pain instantly. It acts like a second skin and supports the natural moisture balance to offer fast wound healing.

Size: 4 Pack


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