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Bandaid Plastic Strips 10 PackBandaid Plastic Strips 10 Pack

Bandaid Plastic Strips
10 Pack


Band-Aid Brand Plastic Strips have quilt-aid technology, non-stick pad technology, effective absorption and breathable protection.

General Information

Quilt-Aid Technology: Non-stick pad technology. A unique quilted pad which draws fluid away from the wound.

Breathability: All purpose strip with micro-vents for breathable protection.

Side seals around pad to help protect your wounds against infection.

Even minor cuts and scrapes can become contaminated with dirt and germs, which may cause infection and delay healing.

Inside every Adhesive Plastic Strip you will find these technologies:

Unique Quilt-Aid technology draws fluid away
Side seals help protect against infection
All purpose strip with micro-vents for breathable protection

Size: 10 Pack


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10 Pack”

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