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Blackmores Super Magnesium 100 TabletsBlackmores Super Magnesium 100 Tablets

Blackmores Super Magnesium 100 Tablets



Active Ingredients: Magnesium amino acid chelate 75 mg, Magnesium citrate 291 mg, Magnesium oxide-heavy 423 mg, Total magnesium 305 mg, Chromium picolinate(chromium 50 microgram) 402 microgram, Manganese amino acid chelate(manganese 4 mg) 40 mg, Pyridoxine hydrochloride(pyridoxine, vitamin B6 50 mg) 61 mg, Cholecalciferol(vitamin D 100 IU) 2.5 microgram, Calcium ascorbatedihydrate (ascorbic acid, vitamin C 41.31 mg) 50 mg

General Information

Blackmores Super Magnesium+ Helps relieve muscle cramps, when magnesium levels are low and supports energy production for exercise.

Blackmores Super Magnesium+ contains easily absorbed forms of magnesium (amino acid chelate and citrate) which help relieve muscle cramps and spasms due to low magnesium levels.

With added chromium to help support healthy metabolism during exercise; vitamin B6 to help maintain energy production; and vitamin C to help support healthy immune function. It is available in a convenient one-a-day dose.

Size: 100 tablets


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