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Brauer Baby & Child Sleep 100MLBrauer Baby & Child Sleep 100ML

Brauer Baby & Child
Sleep 100ML


Healthy Hints

Babies and children don’t come with an instruction manual and sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what’s wrong. If your child is having problems sleeping, they may be:

difficult to settle at night
regularly waking up in the night.
If you are concerned about your child’s health, always talk to your healthcare professional.
Babies and children enjoy a bedtime routine that gently winds them down and prepares them for sleep. Your routine might include a soothing bath, a bedtime story and a lullaby.
Talk with your child about any worries they have that might be making it difficult for them to sleep.
Protect young children from frightening information on the news or in adult conversations that they don’t need to know about.

Baby & Child Sleep includes homeopathic preparations of the herbal ingredients Chamomile and Pasque Flower, which are traditionally used in homeopathic medicine to help relieve sleeplessness and insomnia. Baby & Child Sleep may be used in babies from 6 months of age: the natural blackcurrant flavour and included oral measuring dropper make it easy to give to your child.


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Sleep 100ML”

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