Calm 60 Tablets


Healthy Hints

Stress is often difficult to avoid — how you handle it is usually what makes the most difference.

Move more. Being active helps clear your mind, release feel-good chemicals and removes the harmful by-products of stress from your body. Try a daily walk or any other activity you enjoy.
Eat more whole grains, veggies, fruit, legumes and fish.
Eat less fatty, sugary, fast foods and drink less caffeine and alcohol.

Schedule at least 30 minutes of ‘me’ time every day to enjoy any of these relaxing activities:

Relaxation or deep-breathing exercises
Meditation or yoga
A massage
A good book
An aromatherapy bath
Day-dreaming in a hammock

Calm Tablets includes ingredients such as Passionflower and Zinc which are traditionally used in homeopathic medicine to help relieve stress and mild anxiety. Calm may therefore help you to relax and unwind, helping you to cope better with the effects of stress and provide temporary relief from symptoms including irritability, restlessness and insomnia.


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