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Bbs Kn95 Self-priming Filter Anti-particulate Respirator Face Mask – White 10 Pieces


* Non- medical

* Comfortable to wear

* Breathable

* Thick material

Check the appearance of the mask before use. Do not use it if it is damaged, oily stains, or peculiar smell. When wearing, fix the mask on the head, make sure it fits tightly with the face, and protects the nose and mouth.

Application scope and limitations:

It is suitable for the protection of various particles (such as dust, smoke, fog, and microorganisms), not suitable for the protection of harmful gases and vapors, not suitable for oxygen-deficient environments, underwater operations, escape and firefighting.

Storage conditions:

Store at room temperature, relative humidity is not more than 80%, pay attention to fire, rain, acid, alkali and avoid direct sunlight.


If it is found that breathing is difficult or uncomfortable, the mask is contaminated such as blood stains or droplets and other foreign objects, the user feels that the respiratory resistance has increased, or the mask is damaged, etc., it should be replaced immediately.


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