5 facts on dandruff


1.     What is dandruff?

Dandruff is dry flaky skin built up on your scalp clumped together by oil. A problem arises, however, when it starts to get out of control.

2.     What causes dandruff?

Believe it or not dandruff is caused by a type of fungus, Malassesia globosa to be exact. That being said, its naturally produced on your scalp. The fungus breaks down oils producing a form of acid called Oleic Acid. This acid causes irritation on your skin and increases the production of skin cells which build up on your scalp causing dandruff. Another cause can be not washing your hair enough. On the other end of the spectrum, excess washing can also affect your scalp. Winter months when the air is drier may also cause more dandruff.

3.     Why is dandruff itchy?

Think about it, all that build-up of excess skin on your scalp is bound to cause some itchiness. Scratching your scalp is something that comes with dandruff. However, if your scalp is red, itchy and scaly, it may be best to consult your pharmacist or doctor, as it could be Seborrhoeic Dermatitis. It is considered a severe form of dandruff.

4.     Does scratching make it worse?

We know that dandruff makes your scalp itchy, but does scratching make your dandruff worse? It certainly isn’t a good idea to scratch your scalp when you have dandruff. The scratching can cause further irritation. In worse cases, it may also lead to a red irritated scalp and may also produce sores. If this is quite severe, it is best to seek help from a healthcare professional.

5.     Remedies for dandruff

The easiest remedy for dandruff is anti-dandruff shampoo. Many anti-dandruff shampoos are available in your local Chemistworks store. These shampoos contain a number of key ingredients such as selenium sulphide. A shampoo containing these ingredients is Selsun Gold Anti Dandruff Treatment Shampoo. Tar-based shampoos are another. A shampoo like Neutrogena T/Gel Anti Dandruff Shampoo 200ml uses this ingredient and generally for more severe conditions. Neutrogena T/Gel Daily Control 2-in-1 Anti Dandruff Shampoo Plus Conditioner 200ml containing ingredients with Zinc Pyrithione or Zinc Omadine are another option. Shampoos containing Piroctone Olamine are the newest addition to anti-dandruff shampoos. This type is less toxic than zinc-based and may be better for family use. It is important to read the labels on the packaging as each may differ by use.

At Chemistworks, our skilled pharmacists can help you with all your dandruff needs. To find any of the products listed in this article, visit our online store or come into your local Chemistworks store.