Gift Card

Gift Card Terms and Conditions

This card once activated is redeemable on products at any Chemistworks store in Australia. This card is not redeemable on prescription medication. This card is not redeemable for online purchases, cash, not reloadable, cannot be re-sold and is not a negotiable instrument. This card is valid until 36 months from the date of issue or when no amount remains on the card. Any unused amount after the expiry date of this card will not be refunded or credited. Cash will not be given on any unused amount. A defaced, mutilated, altered, lost or stolen card will not be replaced, refunded or redeemed. You can check the card balance at any Chemistworks store. Chemistworks is not responsible for any unauthorised use. If this card is non-functional, you will be given a replacement card.

Chemistworks Gift Card