Rewards Club Program


By signing this application form or using the Chemistworks Rewards Club card, each applicant or Rewards Club member accepts and agrees to be bound by the Chemistworks Rewards Club terms and conditions, as amended from time to time.

Rewards Club members earn 1 Rewards Club point for every $1 they spend in a Chemistworks store, excluding purchases on prescriptions, baby formula, confectionary, and sale items. Based on the Rewards Club points balance the day prior, Rewards Club members are awarded with $5 for every 100 Rewards Club points to spend in a Chemistworks store, excluding purchases on prescriptions.

  1. Rewards Club points can only be earned and redeemed by the person to whom the Rewards Club card has been issued.
  2. Rewards Club points can only be earned at the time and place of purchase upon the presentation of the Rewards Club card.
  3. Rewards Club points cannot be claimed retrospectively.
  4. Rewards Club points earned are based on whole dollars (inc GST) paid.
  5. Rewards Club bonus points may be earned during particular promotions on selected merchandise.
  6. Rewards Club points cannot be earned upon voucher redemption.
  7. Rewards Club points are not transferable and cannot be taken as cash on redemption.
  8. Rewards Club points may only be redeemed one time per day for each Rewards Club member.
  9. Rewards Club points will expire if they have not been redeemed within 12 months. These expired points will be deducted from the current Rewards Club points balance.
  10. Rewards Club points that have been credited to a Rewards Club member in error or which relate to a purchase by a Rewards Club member that is subsequently cancelled, reversed or where a refund is given, Chemistworks will deduct them from subsequent Rewards Club points to the credit of that Rewards Club member.
  11. Rewards Club card is not a credit or charge card.
  12. Additional Rewards Club cards incur a cost of $2.20 (inc GST), which may be for the purpose of replacing a lost or stolen Rewards Club card. Additional Rewards Club cards may be purchased and issued under the primary Rewards Club card identity for the use of other family members.
  13. Rewards Club members must promptly notify a Chemistworks store or e-mail [email protected] of any change to their details, as well as if their Rewards Club card is stolen or lost.
  14. Information concerning Rewards Club members, including information contained in this application form, can be made available for Chemistworks marketing purposes.
  15. Chemistworks is not liable for errors, omissions, delays or disruptions in the operation of the Rewards Club to the extent permitted by law. Chemistworks will not be liable for the loss or damage that may arise from the errors, omissions, delays or disruptions.
  16. Chemistworks may suspend or terminate the Rewards Club or a Rewards Club member’s membership within it at any time without reason or notice. Chemistworks will not be liable for the loss or damage that may arise from the suspension or termination.
  17. Chemistworks may replace or amend these terms and conditions at any time at its absolute discretion without having to provide a reason. Chemistworks will use its best endeavours to notify Rewards Club members of any replacement or amendment but will not be liable if it does not.
Chemistworks Rewards Club