Diabetes Management

Our Diabetes Management program incorporates nutrition, exercise and education targeting glycaemic control and the modifiable risk factors for Type 2 Diabetes. The eight-week patient-centric program includes up to 14 consultations and a multidisciplinary approach (dietitian, exercise physiologist and diabetes educator) to improve education, support, healthy behaviour change, and clinical outcomes for patients living with diabetes.

Comprehensive Assessment

1. Complete medical history and assessment
2. Motivational interviewing, goal setting and self-efficacy discussions
3. Assessment of glycaemic control (HbA1c) and blood pressure
4. Medication review
5. Anthropometry (body measurements) and physiological testing
6. Nutritional health assessment and food diary review
7. Musculoskeletal analysis and injury management
8. Physical activity readiness assessment

Treatment & Coaching

1. Glycaemic impact eating, portion control, meal planning and preparation
2. Glycaemic control education utilising medication and lifestyle
3. Condition-specific exercise rehabilitation targeting improved functional capacity and independence (home, aqua and/or gym-based)
4. Tailored metabolic conditioning and exercise therapy (home, aqua and/or gym-based)
5. Recognising challenges and barriers to developing and implementing strategies
6. Positive change consolidation and reflection on motivation and beliefs surrounding change
7. Exercise review and inclusion of strategies to enable long-term improvement and adaptations
8. Blood glucose interpretation, education and how to manage sick days

Group Education Sessions

1. Understanding Your Diabetes
2. The Three Common Tenants to Effective Nutrition
3. Improving Movement and Functional Independence
4. Glucose Control for Every Occasion
5. How to Create the Perfect Meal
6. Healthy Food Safari (Grocery Tour)
7. Structuring Exercise to Achieve Your Goals
8. Lifestyle Hacks to Sleep Like a Baby