Ear Piercings

Quick and easy ear piercing

Safe and clean ear-piercing solutions for adults and children

So many of us have ear piercings that we often overlook the serious problems that can follow from unsafe or unclean piercing methods. Infection can follow from piercings which are incorrectly performed.

What's unique about our ear piercing?

We use an ear-piercing system recognised as an industry leader, with allergy-free fashion earrings for consumers of all ages. The procedure is quick and simple, using a sterilised instrument. We offer a wide range of studs and our staff are all properly trained.

How long does it take an ear piercing to heal?

A minimum of 6 weeks for pierced ear lobes and 12 weeks for ear cartilage piercings. You should only switch into new earrings after the suggested healing period.

What can I do to help my ears heal?

Clean the piercing area(s) with recommended lotions and gels. Also, rotate the piercing stud at least once a day. More frequent cleaning is necessary after excessive physical activity. Avoid touching the piercing area(s) whenever possible.

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