Advil Suspension Child 200ML Banana Flavour

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Active Ingredients: Each 5mL contains Ibuprofen in suspension 100mg.

Contains: Benzoates, hydroxybenzoates, sulfites, saccharin and sugar alcohols (18g/60mL)

General Information

Advil Children 2-12 Years Pain & Fever Relief Strawberry Banana Flavour Liquid Suspension helps relieve children’s pain and provides fever relief for up to 8hr.

Pharmacy Medicine.
Advil Children 2-12 years strawberry banana flavoured suspension is a great tasting sugar and colour free suspension that provides relief from pain and fever, including fever associated with immunisation.Advil Children 2-12 years reduces fever for up to 8 hours and provides temporary relief of pain associated with:
Cold and Flu.
Minor Aches.
Sore Throat.
Sprains and Strains.
Up to 8hr fever relief.
Colour free.
Sugar free.
Boxed Contents: 200mL oral liquid. Dosing device inside.

Size: 200mL


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