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Ansell Lifestyles Condom Party 10 Pack


General Information

LifeStyles Party Mix Condoms for playful moments.

Contains a playful mix of assorted condoms with different features including colours, flavours, and textures (see illustrations on box for examples). These condoms have a nominal width of 53mm, unless specified otherwise and are straight shaped with a reservoir-end. These condoms are lubricated (non-spermicidal).

Dynamint Studded.
Choc-Ripple Ribbed.
Warm/Cool Menthol Flavoured.
Snake Skin Textured (52mm nom. width).
Tutti-Frutti Flavoured.
Sonic Berry Ribbed.
Australia’s #1 Condom Brand.
Since 1905.

LifeStyles is Australia’s #1 Sexual Wellness brand (IRI-Aztec Mat 22.01.17 Total Condom Total Australia) – proudly making condoms since 1905.

100% Electrically Tested.
LifeStyles Quality.

Each condom is electronically tested for reliability to ensure high-quality products are made available for your safety and enjoyment.


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