Anusol Ointment 50G B156



Contains: Zinc Oxide 10.75% w/w, Peru Balsam 1.88% w/w, Benzyl Benzoate 1.25% w/w, in a bland base.

General Information

Anusol Ointment is a haemorrhoidal ointment that soothes and eases the burning sensation, and helps reduce the swelling of haemorrhoid tissue.
Anusol Ointment may be used for the relief of itching, burning and soreness of haemorrhoids and minor rectal inflammations and irritation. Useful also in minor skin irritation, itching and chafing.

Size: 50g


Relieves the pain and discomfort of external and internal hemorrhoids.
Soothes and eases the burning sensation
Helps reduce the swelling of haemorrhoid tissue.


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