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Bandaid Plastic Assorted Shapes 50 PackBandaid Plastic Assorted Shapes 50 Pack

Bandaid Plastic Assorted Shapes 50 Pack


Band-Aid Brand Adhesive Bandages Assorted Plastic Shapes with Quilt-Aid Technology. Non-Stick Pad Technology, Effective Absorption, Breathable Protection

General Information

Inside every Band-Aid Brand Adhesive plastic bandage you’ll find these technologies:

Quilt-Aid Technology: Non-stick pad technology. A unique quilted pad which draws fluid away from the wound.

Breathability: All purpose strip with micro-vents for breathable protection.

Side seals around pad to help protect your wounds against infection.

Boxed Contents: 50 Pack
Sterile?: Yes
Pad: Quilt-aid

Size: 50 Pack


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