Bandaid Tough Strip Waterproof Extra Large 10 Pack

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General Information

100% Waterproof. Heals cuts twice as fast* *BAND-AID? Brand adhesive bandages help cuts heal twice as fast as uncovered cuts.

Band-Aid Waterproof Tough Strips Extra Large with Quilt-Aid Technology, Non-Stick Pad Technology, Effective Absorption.

Inside every Waterproof Tough-strips bandage you’ll find these technologies:
Quilt-aid Technology: Non-stick pad technology. A unique quilted pad which draws fluid away from the wound.
Waterproof: 100% waterproof. Shields out water, dirt and germs.
Super Stick: Stays on until you want it off.
Product Claims: Stays On Until You Want It Off

You work hard and you don’t give up until the job is done. You need a bandage that works as hard as you do. Tough Strips® Waterproof Extra Large bandage provides heavy duty, durable protection that stays with you all day! Featuring heavy duty waterproof material for strengthened protection, and super stick technology, it will stay on until you want it off.

Boxed Contents: 10 Pack

Size: 10 Pack


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