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Blackmores Joint Formula Advanced 60 Tablets



Chondroitin sulfate-bovine sodium 95% (chondroitin sulfate sodium 400 mg) 421 mg
Glucosamine sulfate sodium chloride complex (glucosamine sulfate 750 mg) 942 mg
Manganese gluconate (manganese 1mg) 8.8 mg
Borax (boron 1 mg) 8.8 mg

General Information

Blackmores Joint Formula Advanced has been specifically formulated to contain a scientifically validated form of glucosamine plus chondroitin, manganese and boron which reduces symptoms of mild osteoarthritis including mild joint inflammation, swelling, aches and pains and stiffness and also helps maintain healthy joint cartilage production in a two a day tablet dose.

BLACKMORES Joint Formula Advanced 60 Tablets, contains glucosamine, chondroitin, manganese and boron, which may provide symptomatic relief of osteoarthritis.

This formula contains the most scientifically validated form of glucosamine, glucosamine sulfate sodium chloride complex, it is formulated to help relieve joint pain, increase mobility and reduce stiffness.

Two tablets provide a daily dose of glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin.
Relieve joint pain
Increase joint mobility
Reduce joint stiffness
Coated to help ease swallowing

Size: 60 tablets


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