Canesten Fungal Nail
Treat Set



Urea ointment 400 mg/g
Bifonazole cream 10 mg/g.
22 Waterproof plasters
1 Plastic nail scraper
Contains: Benzyl Alcohol 20mg/g as preservative.

General Information

Canesten Fungal Nail Treatment Set is a complete two phase treatment for fungal nail infections.

Canesten Fungal Nail Treatment Set will get you back on track towards a healthier looking nail, with visible results in 4 weeks or less. It helps you to get the source of the infection and you’ll only need to use it for up to 2 months or less
For nail infections affecting not more than half of one nail, not affecting the cuticle end of the nail and not more than three nails.

1st phase – includes a urea ointment to soften the affected part of the nail and a plastic scraper to gently remove the infected area.

2nd phase – includes a bifonazole cream that is applied to the nail bed.
Treatment of Fungal Nail infections
Anti-fungal treatment
Healthier looking Nail
Visible results in 4 week sor less
Once daily Urea ointment application for 1-3 weeks
Once daily application of Bifonazole for 28 days

Canesten is recommended for treatment if your fungal nail infection:

Affects 3 nails or less – Affects less than 50% of the nail – Does not affect the cuticle end of the nail

Suitable For: Fungal nail infrections.

Boxed Contents: 10g Urea Ointment (400mg/g), 22 Waterproof Plasters, 1 Plastic Nail Scraper, 20g Bifonazole Cream (10mg/g).

Size: 1 Set


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Treat Set”

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