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Combantrin 1 Tablet 100Mg 6 PackCombantrin 1 Tablet 100Mg 6 Pack

Combantrin 1 Tablets 100mg 6 Pack


COMBANTRIN®-1 Tablets are a simple one-tablet treatment. Treat threadworms in a single dose with just one tablet. Pleasant tasting orange flavour.

General Information

COMBANTRIN -1 Tablets treat threadworm in a single dose – one tablet, once only.#

COMBANTRIN®-1 Tablets are:
A simple one-tablet treatment from the COMBANTRIN® name you know and trust
Pleasant tasting orange-flavoured tablets that can be chewed or swallowed with fluid

How do COMBANTRIN® -1 Tablets work?

Mebendazole is active ingredient in COMBANTRIN®-1 tablets
Mebendazole kills threadworms in a single dose by preventing the worm from absorbing glucose.#
The worm eventually loses its energy over the following days, and dies within the intestines
It can be passed out of the body in a bowel movement


Active ingredient: Mebendazole 100mg
Also contains: Saccharin Sodium
Free of: Gluten, lactose, sucrose and artificial flavours.

Combantrin -1 Tablets may be taken with or without food. The tablet may be chewed or swallowed whole with fluids.
All it takes is one tablet, once only for each member of your family, regardless of body weight.#
As threadworm is highly contagious, it is important to treat ALL the family, including mum and dad.
#Human worming products will treat only adult worms present in the intestine at the time of taking the medication. They will not treat the eggs or immature worms and will not protect you or your children from contracting threadworm if you are exposed to them again. So it’s advisable to check roughly 2-4 weeks after the initial dose to ensure a second dose is not required if symptoms persist/reinfestation occurs.

Size: 6 Pack

Incorrect use could be harmful. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, talk to your healthcare professional.


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