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Dulcolax Tablet 5Mg 50 PackDulcolax Tablet 5Mg 50 Pack

Dulcolax Tablets 5mg
50 Pack


Relief of constipation

Dulcolax® tablets relieve constipation overnight, so you can feel like yourself in the morning. Its two way action stimulates the bowel and helps form soft stools. The tablets are small, which makes them easy to swallow.

General Information

Dulcolax Tablets are clinically proven to relieve constipation.

Contains the active ingredient bisacodyl.

What Dulcolax is used for

Dulcolax is used to treat constipation.

Under medical supervision, Dulcolax can be used for the evacuation of the bowel before a radiological examination or as an enema alternative.

Dulcolax works by acting on the lining of the lower bowel to stimulate movement and promotes accumulation of water into the bowel to produce soft formed stools.

Dulcolax is ineffective in altering the digestion or absorption of calories in the small intestine and therefore does not assist with weight loss.

Ask your doctor if you have any questions about why this medicine has been prescribed for you.

Your doctor may have prescribed it for another reason.


Active ingredient (in each tablet): Bisacodyl 5mg


Gluten free

Contains sucrose and lactose

How to take it

Follow all directions given to you by your doctor or pharmacist carefully.

They may differ from the information contained in this leaflet.

If you do not understand the instructions on the box, ask your doctor or pharmacist for help.

Swallow Dulcolax tablets whole with a glass of water.

Do not crush or chew Dulcolax tablets.

Do not take Dulcolax tablets together with medicines that lower acidity of the upper gastrointestinal tract (stomach).

These medicines include antacids, and a group of medicines called proton pump inhibitors. If you think you may be taking any of these medicines, please speak with your doctor or pharmacist.

Do not take milk or antacids within 1 hour of taking Dulcolax tablets.

These may affect how well Dulcolax tablets work.

Dulcolax tablets generally work in 6-12 hours.

If pregnant or breast feeding, ask a healthcare professional before use

Size: 50 tablets

Incorrect use could be harmful. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, talk to your healthcare professional.


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50 Pack”

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