Egoderm Cream



Active: Ichthammol (tumenol ammonium) 1% w/w. Preservatives: Methyl hydroxybenzoate 0.25% w/w and propyl hydroxybenzoate 0.15% w/w.

General Information

Relieves dry, red, itchy rashes.
Emollient, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-itch.

Skin Conditions: Product Guide:
Red & Itchy: Egoderm Ointment
Dry & Red: Egoderm Cream
Very Itchy & Less Red: EgoPsoryl TA

Alternative to corticosteroids for sub-acute skin eruptions. Relieves irritation and symptoms of: dry, red or cracked skin, dermatitis, particularly of the face and hands,eczema including persistent eczema, facial, cosmetic or shaving rashes. Maintenance therapy for dry skin. Suitable for adults, children and babies.

Relieves dry, red, itchy rashes

Egoderm Cream is a gentle, corticosteroid free cream that has been formulated to reduce inflammation and relieve the itch caused by common skin conditions such as dermatitis, particularly of the face or hands, persistent eczema, cosmetic or shaving rashes and as maintenance therapy for dry, scaly skin.


Effectively relieves itch and inflammation.
Moisturising base soothes and hydrates dry skin.
Free of lanolin to reduce the chance of irritation.
Suitable for adults, children and babies.

Size: 50g


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