Elevit Breastfeeding <br /> 30 Tablets



250mg Lutein, 400mg Omega 3, 6.5mg Betacarotene, 500mg Folic Acid, 9mg Iron, 225mg Potassium, 1.4mg B1, 1.6mg B2, 17mg B3, 6.4mg B5, 2mg B6, 2.8mcg B12, 60mg Vit C, 15mcg Vit D3 600IU, 10mg Vit E, 35mcg Vit H, 120mg Calcium, 10mg Zinc, 55mcg Selenium.

General Information

Elevit Breastfeeding 30 Tablets

Elevit Breastfeeding has been specially tailored to help meet the increased nutritional requirements for breastfeeding women.

Breastfeeding is one of the most challenging nutritional periods in a woman’s life.  Your nutritional requirements change after the arrival of your baby, and meeting these increased needs can be hard to acheive through diet alone.  With round the clock feeding and a new baby to take care of, we understand that mums don’t always have time to keep up with their dietry requirements.

Elevit Breastfeeding has been specially tailored to help meet these increased requirements in order to provide the nutritional support necessary for the healthy developmentof your baby’s overall health during this period.  These assist with crucial things, such as brain, eyesight, energy and immunity.

For women who are already using Elevit Pre-Conception and Pregnancy continue to use until birth.  Elevit Breastfeeding is the next stage to help support breastfeeding mums’ nutritional needs as they enter into their new mum role.

Size: 30 Tablets


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