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Active Ingredients: Ministry of Health recommends 800mcg folic acid, 220mcg iodine and 27mg iron daily during pregnancy. Only Elevit with Iodine contains a range of essential nutrients, as recommended by the Ministry of Health and is clinically proven to reduce neural tube defects by 92%   Each Elevit with Iodine Tablet contains:   11 Vitamins:   Folic Acid – 800mcg Vitamin B1 – 1.55mg Vitamin B3 – 19mg Vitamin B5 – 10mg Vitamin B6 – 2.6mg Vitamin B12 – 4.0mcg Vitamin C – 100mg Vitamin D3 500IU – 12.5mcg Vitamin E – 15mg Vitamin H – 200mcg   8 Minerals and Trace Elements:   Iron  – 60mg Iodine  – 250mcg Calcium – 125mg Magnesium – 100mg phosphorus – 125mg Copper – 1mg Manganese 1mg Zinc – 7.5mg

Elevit is a vitamin and mineral supplement that has been designed specifically for couples making babies and for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Elevit with Iodine contains the multivitamins and minerals mums and mums to-be need to meet their increased recommended daily intake.


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