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Euky Bear Sleep Inhalant 100ml


A gentle lavender based inhalant to help your little one relax in preparation for sleep. Euky Bear Sleepy Time Inhalant is specifically formulated to be used with a steam vaporiser as part of a bedtime routine. It mixes easily in water, enhancing the benefits of steam vapour and providing all-night comfort. Suitable for use 3 months +


  • – With natural lavender essential oil
  • – For use with steam vaporiser
  • – Australian made & owned


Directions for use

Shake well before use.

Pour 10mL (2.5 capfuls) of Inhalant into empty vaporiser. Add water to maximum fill line. Refer to your vaporiser manual for further use and care.

Not for use in an oil burner.


Lavender essential oils in a slow release base.


Do not take by mouth. Keep out of reach of children. For steam inhalation use only. Contains ethanol. Contains bitterant to avoid accidental ingestion. Use only as directed. Store below 30° C.



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