Elastoplast Mouthguard Youth Clear 1 Pack

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$10.99 or 4 interest-free payments of $2.75 with

Elastoplast Mouthguards for Youth 11-15 years old are used to prevent injury to the mouth, jaw and teeth while playing high-impact or contact sports. Using a well-fitted mouthguard helps avoid the possibility of dental complications from sport and preserves the integrity of the gums, teeth and jaw.

Product Detail

The Elastoplast Mouthguard is a ‘boil and bite’ product. It uses thermoplastic, which is BPA and latex free, that moulds to the shape of your teeth and jaw. This provides a snug fit and maximum support against impact. To use, place the Elastoplast Mouthguard over upper teeth to test for correct size, if too long, trim back until comfortable size is achieved then place the guard in near-boiling water for 10 seconds and remove with large spoon, shaking off water. Insert Mouthguard immediately in position and bite firmly but gently, to obtain even bite - the guard whilst feeling warm, will not burn the mouth. Whilst in this position, suck the Guard by exerting pressure with tongue against the roof of the mouth, this will help keep in place as you mould mouthguard around the side of teeth with forefinger to ensure tonight custom fit then cool by immersing in cold water. When correctly fitted, your Elastoplast Mouthguard will provide you with a personal fitting designed for your protection. It is recommended that after each use the Elastoplast Mouthguard be washed in a mild antiseptic, then rinsed in clean water under a tap and dry thoroughly before replacing in your personal mouthguard container.

See leaflet inside for correct fitting instructions.

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