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Flo Nasal Mist 50ml


Flo Nasal Mist is a nasal spray that delivers a continuous volume of saline solution to the nasal cavities i.e. more than a standard or traditional nasal spray. Administration is easy because of Flo Nasal Mist’s touch button technology.

How can Flo Nasal Mist help?

Flo Nasal Mist delivers a very gentle mist of saline solution to help provide relief from nasal congestion associated with:

  • -colds and sinusitis
  • -hay fever and allergies
  • -post-operative nasal care.


Flo Nasal Mist consists of a preservative-free saline solution with added minerals. It is designed to help moisten the nasal cavities and gently wash away excess mucus including germs, allergens or irritants breathed in through the nose.

How to use Flo Nasal Mist

Simply press the touch button with your index finger for 2 or 3 seconds, whilst inhaling gently through your nose.

Use up to 4 times daily or as often as directed by your health professional to relieve nasal congestion. Varying the dose may be achieved by holding down the touch button for longer or shorter periods of time. Flo Nasal Mist can be used in both adults and children.

Who else might benefit from using Flo Nasal Mist?

  • -Can be used in conjunction with other medicated nasal sprays e.g. allergy nasal sprays. Note: cleansing nasal tissues minutes BEFORE using medicated nasal sprays may improve the effectiveness of such treatments.
  • -For patients who find traditional saline nasal sprays difficult to administer.
  • -For those who are unable to use a sinus wash but need a more thorough nasal cleanse than a standard saline nasal spray


Always read the label. Incorrect use could be harmful. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, change unexpectedly or worsen, consult your health professional.


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