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Katy Perry Royal Revolution EDP 100ML


Katy Perry fragrances celebrate her unbridled artistic vision with addictive scents, each capturing different facets of her unique personality. Lead a Royal Revolution with a fragrance that is as beautiful as it is bold, as royal as it is rebellious. Royal Revolution is a rebelliously youthful Floral fragrance with top notes of pink freesia and pomegranate enveloping a creamy and delicate floral heart. Sexy musk and soft vanilla orchid linger on the skin creating an unforgettable dry-down

Start a riot with notes of Mystical Blackthorn, a flower known in the dark ages for its magical and protective powers.

TOP NOTES: Pink Freesia, Red Pomegranate

MIDDLE NOTES: Sandalwood, Orange Flower and Jasmine Petals

BASE NOTES: Mystical Blackthorn, Vanilla Orchid


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