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Libra Girl Pad Goodnight 10 Pack WingsLibra Girl Pad Goodnight 10 Pack Wings

Libra Girl Pad Goodnight 10 Pack Wings


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With pads, fit is everything! That’s why Libra came up with the idea of Libra Girl Goodnights, specifically sized and designed to fit a smaller body.

Libra Girl Goodnights pads are longer than day pads to provide greater coverage and protection overnight. Curved wings keep them in exactly the right place. The unique BodyFit® shape moulds to the contours of your body, hugging your shape as you move during your sleep.

Libra Girl now also features new “Roll. Press. Go” wrappers for easy and discreet disposal. With such thoughtful details, you’ll definitely appreciate the difference of Libra products; Designed by women, for women.


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