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Libra Maternity 10 PadsLibra Maternity 10 Pads

Libra Extra Long Maternity Pads Wings10 Pads


Libra Maternity Pads help you feel comfortable and protected. In the first weeks after having your baby you will need a pad that you can depend on. Libra Maternity are not only super absorbent, but soft, cushiony and extra long with wings.

Let us take care of you! Libra Maternity pads are designed to help you feel more comfortable and protected for heavy post-natal flow. Our pads are super absorbent, soft, cushiony and extra long with wings to help them stay in place.

The bleeding you experience after birth will be heavy at first, so we recommend Libra Maternity pads. When the bleeding eases off you can move to a regular pad.

Boxed Contents: 10Pk

Size: 10 Pack


• Extra thick and soft
• Great absorbtion for post-natal flow
• Soothing Aloe Vera
• BodyFit® shape for maximum comfort


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