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Marc Jacobs Daisy Fresh EDT 125ML


A floral fruity fragrance. Playful and spirited, Daisy Eau So Fresh is a more fruity and bubbly version of the original Daisy. The scent radiates with crisp raspberry, wild rose and warm plum. Lose yourself in a field of flowers with Daisy Eau So Fresh! Vibrant. Charming. Whimsical.

Discover a refreshing burst of fruits and florals with Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh, a feminine fragrance that expertly balances sweet and tart. Less floral than the original Daisy, Eau So Fresh lets crisp fruits and vibrant green notes take centre stage, while still embodying a youthful, girly charm.

Tart head notes of grapefruit and raspberry are tempered by crisp pear, before mellowing into a powdery accord of violet and wild rose. Sensual musk and sophisticated cedarwood base notes add depth, for a well-balanced fragrance for any occasion.


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