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Napoleon Hydrating Milk Cleanser


It’s no secret the key to flawless skin begins with high-performing skincare. Inspired by Cleopatra’s beauty regimen of bathing in youth-enhancing Donkey Milk, this skin purifier leaves skin soft, supple and cleansed. The dreamy, creamy formula is rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids (Omega 3 and 6) to enhance calming and softening properties. Paraben, petrolatum and silicone free.

Ever wondered how Cleopatra’s skin remained flawless? Why ancient Egyptians never documented their congested skin woes in hieroglyphics? Wonder no more!

Inspired by the Egyptian beauty’s skincare regime of bathing in youth-renewing donkey milk, Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Hydrating Milk Cleanser leaves your skin soft, supple and deeply cleansed. This dreamy, creamy, organic donkey milk-based formula overflows with vitamins and essential fatty acids Omega 3 and 6, to calm and balance your skin. Particularly suited to dry, sensitive or mature skins, Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Hydrating Milk Cleanser utilises a beauty secret that has stood the test of time.

For a nourishing cleanse post-makeup removal, massage Hydrating Milk Cleanser all over the face then simply remove excess with a cotton pad, leaving a gentle residue on the skin for lasting hydration.


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