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Nervoderm Medicated Patches 5 Pack


Nervoderm is clinically proven to provide targeted relief of shooting, stabbing and burning nerve pain associated with medically diagnosed post-herpetic neuralgia.


Nervoderm contains the active ingredient lidocaine (lignocaine) which provides 12 hour relief from nerve pain associated with medically diagnosed post-herpetic neuralgia without causing any numbness. Patients in a clinical trial averaged 50% pain relief by day 7.

Nervoderm provides relief in 2 ways:

  • – Lidocaine (lignocaine) absorbs into the skin to reduce the transmissions of pain impulses from nerve endings in your skin and relieves pain.
  • – The hydrogel patch forms a protective barrier providing a soothing effect at the site of application.


Nervoderm is non-drowsy and can be used with other pain medications.

Always read the label, use only as directed, if symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.

Do not use NERVODERM Dermal Patch if you have an allergy to:

  • – any medicine containing lignocaine
  • – any of the ingredients contained in this product especially methyl hydroxybenzoate and propyl hydroxybenzoate
  •  – other local anaesthetic medicines similar to lignocaine such as bupivacaine, etidocaine, mepivacaine or prilocaine.


Do not apply NERVODERM Dermal Patch:

  • – on injured skin or open wounds
  • – on the eyes or mouth
  • – on unhealed areas of skin for example unhealed blisters


Do not give NERVODERM Dermal Patch to children. Some medicines may be affected by NERVODERM Dermal Patch or may affect how well it works. These include:

  • – some drugs used to slow the heart including tocainide and mexiletine
  • – other local anaesthetics such as bupivacaine, etidocaine, mepivacaine, prilocaine or lidocaine.


Storage and disposal:

Store below 25 C.

Used patches still contain active ingredient, which may be harmful to others. Fold the used patch in half, with the sticky side together and throw them away so that they are out of reach of children.

Incorrect use could be harmful. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, talk to your healthcare professional.


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