Nicorette Gum Classic 2MG 30 Pack



Contains: Each gum contains Nicotine 2mg. Sorbitol (0.19g per piece of gum)

General Information

Nicorette Gum Regular Strength Uncoated Classic 2mg is sugar-free.

Nicorette is a quit smoking aid. Nicorette gum works by relieving nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms. It may be used to: 1. Stop smoking abruptly, or, 2. Cut down smoking before stopping.

Nicorette Combination Therapy: If you have relapsed with single nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) or if you have cravings with single use NRT, you can use Nicorette 2 mg Gum, in addition to Nicorette Patch for better craving relief. This may increase your likelihood of quitting. How to use: Use patch as directed and aim to chew at least 4 pieces (maximum of 12) of Nicorette Gum 2 mg every day (see back of pack). After 12 weeks reduce use of Patch or Gum (see pack insert).

Boxed Contents: 30 Chewing Gums

Size: 30 Pack

Gender: Both

Coated?: No

Nicotine Level: 2mg


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