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Pigeon Slim Neck Bottle Ppsu 240ml


The Pigeon Flexible™ PPSU Bottle is a slim neck bottle for use with Flexible™ Peristaltic Teats.

Made from medical grade plastic, (PPSU; polyphenylsulfone), Flexible™ PPSU bottles are naturally honey toned and suitable for high use. The gold standard in plastic baby bottles.

The bottle is supplied with a Flexible™ Peristaltic teat. The teat has a slim neck, with double thickness to ensure softness and flexibility for latching on comfortably and easily. Each teat also has a unique venting system to minimise swallowed air and help reduce colic.

BPA and BPS free.

Bottle capacity: 240ml. Teat size M, round hole

Slim neck bottles for use with Pigeon Flexible™ Peristaltic Teats

Light weight plastic

Budget friendly

Low to regular use

M teat, round hole


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