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Piksters Size-0 40 Pack


Piksters Size-0 40 Pack

Interdental brushes for cleaning between teeth where a toothbrush cannot reach.

Piksters Size-0 40 Pack

Why Use Piksters

Piksters bristles reach into and clean the indents on the surfaces between your teeth especially at the gum line of molars and premolars. Floss is not as effective in this situation.

Consumers and dentists love Piksters for their ease of use, single handed action, variety of sizes, low cost, convenience, the twisty handle, the stronger stiffer wire and the durability of the bristles.

  • – Twisted wire
  • – Use for small anterior spaces and endodontic canal scrubbing.
  • – Small plastic case with resealable lid contains 40 brushes of same size
  • – Rubber and latex free
  • – REUSABLE- Piksters are reusable & cost effective compared to single use disposables. Rinse between use.



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