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Rapid White 7 Day Starter Kit


Rapid White 7 Day Starter Kit

Inspired by dentists’ whitening treatments, this clinically proven, peroxide-free set uses a dental tray application method, which can be custom fit for maximum comfort and optimum product application.

Rapid White 7 Day Starter Kit

The Rapid White Instant Whitening System is a multi-tasking kit that effectively whiten teeth, providing both instant and progressive results when used for 7 days.


How the Whitening Range Works

Organic compounds from numerous substances such as drinks and tobacco cause discolouration of the tooth enamel.

Rapid White’s peroxide-free whitening system contains Sodium Chlorite (the accelerator). When it’s activated by the whitening gel or the dissolving strips, Chlorine Dioxide is released, which oxidizes the organic stains on the tooth surface (stains are destroyed and can be removed). The result is that teeth are whitened.


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