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SOLARCAINE SPRAY S2 100G | Chemist Near Me | Pharmacy Open NowSOLARCAINE SPRAY S2 100G | Chemist Near Me | Pharmacy Open Now

Solarcaine Spray S2 100g


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Solarcaine First Aid provides instant pain and itch relief in a no rub spray with benzocaine and triclosan. It helps prevent infections, treating minor burns, cuts, scrapes and itchy insect bites.

Solarcaine helps to relieve the pain of sunburn. It also helps with windburn, household burn, non-poisonous insect bites.

Sunburn pain relief and medicated first aid spray . Sunburn relief. Soothing, cooling, antiseptic. Medicated first aid for minor burns, skin irritations, insect bites. Helps to relieve the pain of sunburn. Spray on – no need to touch the painful areas. Soothes & cools wiht its formula of a local anaesthetic (Benzocaine) to dull pain, an antiseptic to combat bacteria, plus soothing emollients to keep skin soft & smooth as it heals. Has an effect on painful areas due to sunburn, windburn, household burns, non-poisonous insect bites, scrapes & abrasions, chapping & chafing.


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