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Travelan 30 CapletsTravelan 30 Caplets

Travelan 30 Caplets


Travelan 30 Caplets

Travelan®  is an over the counter immune supplement that can be taken to reduce the risk of diarrhoea and reduce the symptoms of minor gastrointestinal disorders. Travelan® helps to support a healthy digestive system by supporting the gut’s immune defences, whether you are travelling or at home.

Travelan 30 Caplets

Product overview

Travelan® may assist in maintaining the delicate balance of the gut microbiota in times of stress or weakened immunity by eliminating invading pathogens.

Travelan® is a highly purified preparation of highly specific antibodies which target pathogenic bacteria and the toxins they produce. It does not react with or alter the normal microbial community of a healthy gastrointestinal tract, unlike antibiotics and will not lead to antibiotic resistance, an increasing concern world-wide.


How Travelan® works

The active ingredient in Travelan® is hyperimmune bovine colostrum powder, a rich source of antibodies that bind to Enterotoxigenic E. coli in the gastrointestinal tract, preventing them from attaching to the intestinal wall and thereby neutralising their ability to cause travellers’ diarrhoea and its associated symptoms. Hyperimmune colostrum is developed under Immuron’s proprietary technology to create high titers of antibodies to a range of E- Coli bacteria that is present in normal colostrum in very small amounts.


When to take Travelan®

Take one Travelan® caplet before every meal. Additional caplets may be taken when increased protection is required, i.e. when snacking between meals or if circumstances suggest an increased risk of infection. Travela® should be used as an adjunct to normal travel hygiene practices.

Incorrect use could be harmful. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, talk to your healthcare professional.


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