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Voltaren Osteo 12 Hour


Voltaren Osteo Gel 12 Hourly is clinically proven for the temporary relief of local pain and inflammation in mild forms of osteoarthritis of the knees and fingers. Voltaren Osteo Gel 12 Hourly, to help keep you moving.

General Information

Voltaren Osteo Gel 12 Hourly: Formulated to last longer. Do you want to enjoy your everyday activities and accomplish your plans without the interruption of managing local osteoarthritis pain? With new Voltaren Osteo Gel 12 Hourly you can forget about managing your pain and get on with your day. Thats because Voltaren Osteo Gel 12 Hourly is formulated to last longer. Its concentrated formula, with twice the strength, needs application only once every 12 hours. Voltaren Osteo Gel 12 Hourly is a major advance in topical anti-inflammatory therapy of osteoarthritis.

Adults and children 12 years of age and over:

Gently squeeze out a small amount of gel from the tube (the amount you will need will depend on the size of the painful or swollen area; usually an amount ranging in size from a cherry to a walnut will be enough)

Rub the gel gently into the skin, covering the painful or swollen area.

Wash your hands after rubbing in, unless they are the area being treated.

Apply the gel 2 times a day (preferably morning and evening). You may apply the gel under a brace or bandages that are not airtight.

How long to use: Use for up to 3 weeks, if needed. If your condition has not improved after 7 days or gets worse, see your pharmacist or doctor.


Features & Benfeits

Apply once every 12 hours (preferably morning and evening)

Double the strength of Voltaren Osteo Gel, for long-lasting relief

Easy-to-open cap for osteoarthritis sufferers

Non-greasy gel, with no distinctive odour

Targeted relief right where you need it

No prescription necessary


Diclofenac Diethylammonium 23.2mg/g


Incorrect use could be harmful. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, talk to your healthcare professional.


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