Tackling foot odour head-on!


Foot odour is a common problem, caused not only by poor hygiene, but also by excessive perspiration and the growth of bacteria on the foot.

Even people with extremely good hygiene can suffer from foot odour; 250,000 sweat glands on each foot can produce 500mL sweat per day. The gases produced by the bacteria that grow on the soles of feet are similar to those released by bacteria used in producing cheese. Therefore, it is rightfully named “cheesy feet.”

Tips for prevention & treatment:

  • Washing your feet properly with use of antiseptic solutions e.g. Dettol, Tea tree solution or soaps
  • Keep your socks and shoes clean, washing and cleaning them regularly
  • Avoid sweaty warm conditions around the foot
  • Avoid synthetic socks
  • Wear shoes that allow good air circulation for your feet to breathe (preferably leather)
  • Change your shoes regularly to allow them to dry and air
  • Dry your shoes outdoor and/or under the sun so that the UV can kill the bacteria
  • Topical (applied to the skin) or oral (by mouth) antibiotics may be prescribed, in severe cases, to kill off the bacteria

Products recommended:

  • Scholl odour attack spray: This highly absorbent powder help removes moisture that contributes to bacteria growth and helps kill the bacteria, which causes odour.
  • Driclor (Aluminium Chloride): Reduces sweating from sweat glands.

Dry foot is particularly important in people with diabetes since diabetic patients tend to have reduced blood circulation and losing nerve function progressively. For diabetics, check feet daily and see your podiatrist on a regular basis.

Regularly moisturising the feet: Eulactol is recommended for cracked heels and it is suitable for people with diabetes and sensitive skin. If in doubt, or for more information, speak with one of our pharmacists today!