Wound Care

wound care chemistworks

What is wound care about?

Treating wounds and other injuries is not simple. Getting the right advice on cleaning wounds, applying the correct dressings, strapping and immobilising injuries and knowing when to seek extra help can make the difference between a fast healing injury and a long-term burden, with possible scar formation. Chemistworks qualified pharmacists will use professional-grade products and their specialist knowledge to give you the best chance at a speedy recovery.

What consults do we provide?

Chemistworks consultations cover:

  • Wound care including burns, cuts/lacerations, scrapes/grazes, and/or some post-surgical wounds.
  • Home and workplace first aid
  • Injury management including sprains, strains, other soft tissue injuries, and/or sports strapping advice
  • Scar reduction

1. Wound care consult

Do you have a scrape, burn, cut, postsurgical wound, and/or ulcer?
We can help, as we will:

  • Clean your wound and remove non-viable tissue
  • Assess your risk of infection
  • Dress your wound with our professional products
  • Perform a nutrition and medication assessment
  • Teach you how to manage your dressing
  • Advise on when to return and how to recognise signs of infection
  • Provide an essential wound care kit for you to take home

2. Injury Consults

Do you have a sprain, strain, and/or other injury?
We can help, as we will:

  • Strap your injury with professional-grade supports and products
  • Advise on pain relief and how to best manage your injury
  • Provide strapping advice for sport and activity
  • Write you a care plan

3. Scar Consults

Do you have a discoloured and/or raised scar?
We can help, as we will:

  • Advise on the use of the most effective products
  • Provide a scar care plan
  • Perform a nutrition and medication assessment
  • Discuss the use of personalised scar care products compounded by our trained pharmacists

We will:

  • Provide a 20-minute consult on how to care for common household or workplace injuries
    including burns, scrapes, grazes, cuts, falls, sprains and strains.
  • Provide you with an essential first aid kit.